CBD cannabis organic process

This image shows the organisation of cbd cannabis plants flowering in a greenhouse.

We love to Grow.

We learned to grow cannabis for the medical market in Canada.
Now we share this knowledge with Austria and the EU.

Living Soil.

We blend our own soil mixes using RHP quality materials. Our compost is made using locally sourced plant materials to eliminate contaminants. M3 testing on all batches is done to optimize our mineral parameters.
This means no bugs, no pesticides, and a plant that has the best environment to express its genetic potential.

this image shows a hand holding some fine particulate black colored living soil.

A classic Austrian forest district photo of a gravel road surrounded by beautiful pine trees.

The Waldviertel is home.

Our outdoor strains are grown in a bio-certified grassland here in the Waldviertel. Rain water is collected and used in our gardens.
Our neighbours are sheep.

Less than 0.3% THC

Our CBD and CGB strains are sourced from breeders in Switzerland and the Pacific Northwest. All our flowers are tested in certified EU laboratories.
Absolutely no solvent washing of flower. No distillates or terpenes added. Only original flower.

This image shows a cannabis plant with bright green leaves with an overlay of the compound of cbd.

Harvest, Dry, Cure.

Our cut flower will be available in late October 2023.
The drying and curing process takes time to ensure the highest quality terpene profile and user experience. We do not rush our flower to market.

A brightly lit photo of a cbd flower ready for the consumer to enjoy.

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